About Us

Who We Are

ICS Inventory, LLC is the owner of the Intercultural Conflict Style Inventory® (ICS®), http://icsinventory.com. ICS Inventory, LLC is a division of Hammer Holdings Inc., a company that also includes IDI, LLC — offering the Intercultural Development Inventory® (IDI®), http://idiinventory.com. These two companies offer unique products, services, and visionary global solutions for the advancement of cultural competence and intercultural conflict resolution.

The principal officers of Hammer Holdings, Inc. are Diann Hammer, Mitchell R. Hammer, Ph.D., Neil Hammer, and Lea Hammer, who also operate their affiliate companies, ICS Inventory, LLC, and IDI, LLC.

ICS Inventory, LLC offers customized, assessment, consulting, and training services to improve communication, resolve conflict, and solve problems across cultural boundaries within educational institutions, government agencies, NGOs, corporations, and other organizations. We offer these services by:

  • Offering the Intercultural Conflict Style Inventory to trainers and others to help build intercultural communication, conflict, and problem-solving competencies.
  • Providing the Integrated ICS Licensed Program to schools and organizations to use internally to improve cross-cultural communication and resolve conflicts.