ICS Certificate Program


The online Intercultural Conflict Style Inventory Certificate Program (ICS CP) provides participants with an exclusive and complete set of training packages, including presentation slides, detailed trainer notes, agendas, and trainer handbook, needed to deliver effective ICS training programs in educational institutions and organizations for individuals, small teams, and large groups.

This program, developed by Dr. Mitchell Hammer, is based upon years of working and resolving conflicts across the globe. In a time of increased divisiveness, this two-day certificate program is designed to help people resolve conflicts and solve problems across cultural communities.

As part of the ICS Certificate Program, participants will:

  • Complete the ICS Inventory
  • Increase their cultural self- and other- understanding of key differences in communication, problem-solving, and conflict resolution
  • Gain skills to lead future participant training using a series of workshops that can be presented either virtually or in-person
  • Identify best practices when delivering the ICS workshops
  • Earn a certificate of completion for the program
  • Gain access to an exclusive set of ICS CP training packages

Pricing for the ICS Certificate Program is $1,000.00 USD and is presented in two sessions (4.5 hours each) across two days (one session per day). The ICS Certificate Program is hosted on Zoom with each registered participant being sent information to access the event on the scheduled date and time.

ICS Certificate Program sessions are scheduled for 12:30 pm Eastern (USA) time and end at 5:00 pm Eastern (USA) time.